Maintaining a Design System - Updating new components with other structure/naming

Hello Community,

I have a question that revolves around maintaining a design system. Recently we had rebuilt all our form elements because the old components were too nested and complex.
Now we had created the new components in a branch, but due to the completely different structure and naming we could not update the old form elements.

We had to select the old form element in each work file, and then enter the new component there. Depending on how many work files exist, this can be quite extensive.
Therefore my question: How do you deal with this?
Oh and they are all variants.

OLD: Variant A (Button Variants with size, state and so on)
NEW: Variant B (different structure within, same properties though)
Goal: B should replace A within the library, so that these changes can be deployed to all work files. (instead of having to go to each work file and select every button instance and chose the new variant master component)

I cant just copy/paste the new variants into the old master component, cause it would still use the instances within the working documents of that component but it d say : “old component gone, restore?”. So i cant see any other way to integrate a new variant component into the system than pasting and publishing it, then manually go into every single work file and select there the new variant.

(I m not a native speaker, please excuse grammar or mistyped words)

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