Main Frame Controls Obscured while Overly Present?

I am very sorry if this is a dupe — I’ve searched pretty thoroughly (I think!) on here as well as gone through several YouTube tutorials — but I can’t find what I’m looking for anywhere.

This may seem pretty basic, but I’m trying to build out an “account settings” screen for an iOS app, and I’m borrowing heavily from Apple’s own interactions for editing profile information. The snag I’m hitting is that when “editing” a field, with the keyboard open at the bottom (i.e.: “open overlay”) — even with “Close when clicking outside” and “Add background behind overlay” unselected — I lose access to controls in the main frame of the prototype. In this case, it’s the “< Back” control.

It seems to me to be rather counterintuitive to obscure the rest of the frame when “click outside” and “add background” aren’t selected. Is there not a way to have an overlay visible and still allow users/testers to access controls on the parent frame?

I agree with this. I’ve also had similar situations. What you’re trying to do seems like a common use case for the overlay function.

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