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Main component variant crash after changing nested component

Hello everyone!

I have a problem with variant component. When it’s in base state, everything works fine, but when I change the nested instance i.e. to another icon - main component switches didn’t work anymore.

Gif as proof(cant’t upload video, yet):

I’d say it’s not a ‘crash’ but the logic not working (‘not a bug it’s a feature’) :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyways, does that happen only when you change the nested symbol? For that to work properly, naming is key, I’d avoid emojis in the names - I had problems with that and dropped that habit in symbol names. But can’t guarantee if that fixes your case.

It’s happens when I change nested instance - in any way.
I’ve tried name component layers without emojis, but it doesn’t help :expressionless:

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