Magic Mouse Jiggly-ness


Anyone using Magic Mouse while using figma? The scroll is extremely sensitive it captures even the slightest touch when I’m using figma. It certainly doesn’t happen on safari or any other app though. Anyone had this kind of problem or do I have fat fingers :sweat_smile:


I can’t understand why people doesn’t talk about this more … this is the case with my mouse since one year now without any practical solution.


My solution was to switch to a non Apple Mouse.


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This issue has stopped me from using Figma for a long time as I didn’t want to switch away from the Magic Mouse. I think I have found a solution that works.

In the accessibility section of System Settings there’s an option for “Use mouse for scrolling” under “Pointer Control”, “Mouse Options”. Toggling this switch off means the Magic Mouse no longer is able to scroll at all.

Obviously, this would be annoying to need to toggle every time you use Figma, so it’s possible to automate this setting using Keyboard Maestro.

I have two macros set up, one for when the Figma app is the active window (activates), and another for when the Figma app is no longer the active window (deactivates). This macro runs this shell script to turn off scrolling:

defaults write MouseVerticalScroll -int 0;
defaults write MouseHorizontalScroll -int 0;

/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/SystemAdministration.framework/Resources/activateSettings -u;

(Change -int 0 to -int 1 to turn scrolling back on)

This means the every item I switch to the Figma app, the scrolling issue is resolved. I can instead use the hand tool to navigate around the window.

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You can reduce the scroll speed in the accessibility settings


No. This unfortunately is NOT a solution. It is helpful for those who spend 100% of their time in Figma. But that is not realistic. Figma is the only app, where I have this problem. Please fix.

Same here.