MacOS Monterey desktop app export stopped working

Hello, after updated to MacOS Monterey, Figma stopped exporting. When i click on the export button nothing happens.

When i check the console log i see a bunch of error messages, but i guess most relevant one is : ERROR: Unable to display save panel (unrecognized error: Error Code=14 UserInfo={,})

I attached a screen recording of the problem as well.

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This definitely looks like a bug, please report it to Figma support team via the bug report form.

Have the same problem after Mac updating.

Same problem here. Mac M1, macOS Monterey. Haaaalp

Same problem. Mac M1 Monterey. Have to use web version for export.

Same here. Switching to the web browser for now because if I can’t export things I can’t really use the desktop app.

Hey! I want to update to Monterey and was looking for issues before doing so. Has this been resolved?

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I’m also interested, replying to keep the topic open.

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