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macOS Desktop app not installing

Hi, I currently have the same problem on Big Sur 11.4.

I don’t have access at all to old versions since the computer I’m using is new.

The Intel build worked for me as well, so thanks @poiru !

Does anyone know what’s wrong with the installer on Figma website ?

Problem solved to me. Thanks a lot.

I was just literally about to crash my iMac, lol.

Buenos días un gusto saludarlos, justamente me esta presentando el mismo error. Le envió la Version de Mac que uso. Muchas gracias.

preview-chat-Captura de pantalla 2021-08-09 a la(s) 9.05.51 a. m.

Hi guys! I have BigSur 11.5.2 and no Figma installation works. Please help!


And which one is the Intel build? Where can I find this? BR Pam

Same for me !

Hi there.

My colleague is having difficulty downloading and installing the Figma desktop app. I am trying to debug it with him on stream, and still cannot figure it out. From what I understand, in the Figma folder, there should be an executable ‘’ file. It appears on my Windows PC, but it doesn’t appear on my colleagues’ system. Screenshots attached.



Hello. I have the same problem with catalina 10.15.7. The intel-version works but i cannnot open any figma files from my desktop, not even from this version saved ones…

I’m using the MacbookPro M1 processor and I’m experiencing the same issue, version Big Sur 11.6. Is there any solution?