Macbook (M1) Trackpad Bug - Monterey

After upgrading to monterey, I’m experiencing some issues with my trackpad, most noticable when working with Figma.
The trackpad’s sensitivity is not as good as it was before the Monterey update. While using Figma, the user experience became much worse. When using pinch to zoom, it became sluggish, not as responsive as before, and the animation stutters regurarly.
Is it just my macbook doing this, or is it a more whidespread problem with Monterey and trackpad usage?

M1 Macbook - verzió Monterey 12.0.1 (21A559)
Chrome - verzió: 95.0.4638.69 (Hivatalos verzió) (arm64)


i have the same problem in my MacBook Air M1 after update to Monterey


@Szarka_Balint Is this on both the web and the desktop app versions of Figma? Or are you noticing this when only using the web version (you mentioned Chrome, but let us know if it is also happening on the desktop app).

@Maique_Anderson – ^ same questions for you. You mentioned you’re on Monterey, but didn’t mention if you were using the web version or the desktop app.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I experience these issues everywhere

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I have the same issue. It seems to be the same whether I use the app or browser (chrome).

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I’m also experiencing this issue. I agree that it’s most noticeable in Figma, but I’m able to recreate the issue in Safari and others apps as well which implies it’s an OS-level bug. I’ve submitted feedback to Apple (FB9796210).

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I am experiencing the same issue, especially with zoom, multiple selection holding shift button and app expose actually on every app :frowning:

same issure here with M1pro on Monterey

Same issues here :frowning:

Same issue here

I also have a problem with the trackpad, but the fact is that sometimes the ability to zoom the canvas disappears. The problem disappears over time, but repeats itself several times during the day.

I am using a desktop app on a macbook air m1

Same issue here - it seems to be a Monterey issue but this is seriously impacting when working in Figma.

I just had the same issue, it was working fine with Monterey a couple of days and now it’s not. Sometimes it works and sometimes not… It really impacts my work as I don’t use a mouse at all only external Trackpad :frowning:

Replying just to keep this alive because it’s awful and sucks and raaaaawwwrrr

Same issue here…keeping this alive…please fix this…heck just acknowledge it Figma and give an eta.

Getting the same issue. Only solution I’ve found is to close figma and start again. @Figma_Support please fix. Thank you

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