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Love lists! Needs paragraph spacing support!

Thank you figma team for the new list feature! It has been my most anticipated feature for YEARS. There are 2 features that I would love to see to support it.

  1. I believe lists should support paragraph spacing between bullets.

  2. I am unable to start an ordered list at any number other than 1. Which feels too restrictive. I type 2. and start typing and figma changes it to 1.

Does anyone else agree? Is there anything I missed?


I fully support!

It’d be also nice to change standard bullets to custom ones…

Or at least to change bullet’s appearance according to tab


The feature is kind of useless without space after.


I was super happy about lists.Now I had to use them and there is no way to control the spacing in-between bullets!
Thought it’s like any other text editor where you can simply add two line-breaks and you end up with an empty line, but no. You get another bullet … And on top of everything you aren’t even allowed to type in the numbers manually. Disappointing.


Definitely agree. I’d say Figma needs to do a bit more user testing before rolling out features. A bullet list is great but fairly useless for a designer without offering the ability to control the spacing between items, which is such a basic level use case. Even PowerPoint offers more control.

I know the list feature is new, but one major issue I’m having is with the spacing between paragraphs. When the list option is selected, it smushes the lines together and the paragraph spacing adjustment no longer works. The paragraph spacing still works outside of lists, but typing out numbers & dashes is obviously not as convenient as an auto-formatted list.

When I add dashes to text, which starts the list, it will automatically negate the paragraph spacing settings that were already there. Screenshots of issue below. You can see that both text blocks have a paragraph spacing of 20, but the one in list format is far closer together.

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 2.32.11 PM

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 2.32.38 PM

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