Lots of issues with Mirror

I’ve been having lots of issues with Mirror, and wondering if there is any way around this, if I’m doing anything wrong, or is Mirror is just buggy.

Mirror seems like it should always reflect my selected frame from the desktop app, but it often doesn’t update. I’ve noticed if I tap on a hotspot in my prototype in the Figma mobile app while mirroring it stops reflecting the selected frame from the desktop app. Is this to be expected?

It also frequently just seems to stop mirroring and the only way to get it to start mirroring again is to Exit out of mirror, and start mirroring again. Sometimes I also have to force quit and reopen the app.

Anyone else running into any of this?

Also, not sure if FigJam is a separate product so feel free to let me know if I’ve selected the wrong topic.

Love Figma overall, but mirroring and prototyping in general (especially in the Figma app) seem to be super buggy.

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