Lost ability to see Libraries Analytics?

With the latest Figma update, I’m unable to see the libraries analytics.

See this article:

The modal seems to have been replaced by this:

How can we access it now?

Hi @Sebastien_Giroux
I think you’re not looking at the right place
The preview you shared is access by navigating through
Admin settings > Resources > Libraries > your_library
Wherase what you are looking for is located at :
All teams > Libraries > your_library > Library Analytics
as shown below

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Yes! That’s what I was looking for. Thank you for your help!


I cannot see it there, why that could be?

Hi @Maribel

The position of the button Libraries has changed (and is now called “View libraries”). You can find it on the right top corner of the “All teams” page (as shown below)

Thanks @Haroll completely missed it :blush: