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Lost ability to edit my own file after restoring file from version history

Hi, I’m currently using Figma browser version on the educational plan and trying to simply restore the file from my version history. When I do so, permission on my file suddenly changes to view only so I cannot take it from there and edit. Yyy? Its my own file. Last thing I’ve done was creating massive icon set variants and got the warning it can slow down the performance, then I realized its all wrong wanted to move back and stuck totally because I lost ability to edit…Would be super thankful for your advice…Best Beta


Hi Tank, sure! where should I drop it? I got a pop up sorry new users cannot uplaod attachments…
Processing: Screen Recording 2021-09-01 at…]()

LOL I totally didnt see that button until now, because all actions are shown on right or in the middle, I was trying to spot it in :sweat_smile:there. Many many thanks again @tank666

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