Looking for a plugin to save me hours of work

TL;DR - Looking for a plugin to save me hours of work.

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a B2C financial product where I present different payment/loan options. Recently, there’s been an increasing demand from our sales department to prepare “demos” that are essentially prototypes of our product with specific prices relevant for sales purposes. As a result, I end up spending a lot of time creating duplicates of the product and manually changing numbers on a large number of screens.

I’m looking for plugins that can make my life easier. I’m familiar with “find and replace,” but the problem is it replaces prices on all screens in the file, which messes up places I don’t want to change.

The same component appears in multiple places with different prices (e.g., before and after tax), so controlling the text through the parent component isn’t an option either.

I’d love to be able to select, for example, ten screens and specify that the price on those screens should change from $30 to $40. Is there such a solution?

Additionally, if there’s a way to add a calculator in Figma, I’d love to know, as I constantly need to verify percentage calculations, etc., which is quite complicated for me :sweat_smile:

Maybe something like Google Sheets Sync plugin would help? Or some other spreadsheets plugins.

Also try some “content fill” type of plugins, e.g. something like Content Reel (I’m not sure if it specifically is capable of that, this is just a general direction to look into).

As for the calculator, you can probably easily find a calculator plugin in the community, but I also wanna suggest my plugin eval() which allows you to do calculations directly on the canvas.