Locked element should mean it is locked

Locked elements should mean locked in both position and properties.

I have a multi-page file. A client has requested to change the colours of a number of elements on a page. I should be able to ‘lock’ the elements I don’t want to change to allow me to do a global colour change. Currently, the locked element also update when you switch the colours.

I don’t immediately agree with this. Locking layers is useful to prevent accidentally moving layers, and making the canvas less cluttered with click targets. Changing colors globally is still a very useful feature even when layers are locked.

You can “lock” your color by creating a separate color style and just naming it “text (locked)” or something.

If you encounter this issue often, I’d recommend being more specific with your color styles. You can have multiple styles with the same color, but divide them between element types wherever necessary. For example:

  • Accent color (background)
  • Accent color (text)
  • Accent color (highlight)

I understand that I can have different colour styles. I shouldn’t have to increase the fidelity of my colour system – the description of locked is: You will no longer be able to edit the layer in the canvas. This indicates something is fixed whether it is the position, size or colour of an object.

If I wanted to adjust the element, I can unlock it – inventing an arbitrary workaround doesn’t seem practical. If the elements are still editable after ‘locking’ them they are not ‘locked’.

What if I want to change my global accent color for the whole design? Do I have to go through all layers and unlock them first?

We’re talking about different things and different situations. I am referring to the canvas layer and selecting objects within pages when locked.

You will no longer be able to edit the layer in the canvas

This is an accurate description, because when you’re changing colors, you’re technically not doing any edits on the canvas itself, but in the sidebar. You can manipulate the layer in the left and right sidebars, but not on the canvas.

Your use case, I assume, is that you want to exclude locked layers from your selection. A function like deselect locked layers or something would make more sense in this case.

A workaround for now would be to use this plugin to select locked layers, and then make those layers hidden. Hidden layers won’t change, just like you want. Then just unhide them again after your changes.

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