Locate a local variable to redefine color

I feel like I’m missing something here, because it’s so difficult to do this.
The scenario is I’m working with an element in my design system, the color for which is set by a local variable. It’s relatively easy to reassign the element to a different variable (including a nifty search box in the Fill dropdown), but if I want to keep the variable but redefine it, that’s another story.
Right now, I open up the Local Variables and then I have to scroll and scan manually to locate it. Yes, organizing them into sections helps, but I have a lot of variables already.
It seems to me there should be a way to search for a variable by name - or better yet, jump directly to it from the element that it’s assigned to.
Overall, I’m hoping for better support for local variables. I jumped on that bandwagon because we were updating the entire design system with a new brand, and the way it was announced it seemed like a better way (and the future for Figma). But it’s been months, and the implementation is still a bit clunky (i.e. no searching or sorting).

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Hey Tom, thank you for your feedback! I’ve merged your post with a similar one.