Local files exceeding 2G cannot be uploaded

I have a problem that I can’t solve, and it has been bothering me for a long time.
I downloaded the file from figma to the local .fig format, and there is no way to upload the .fig file larger than 2G to the figma account.

I have tried uploading from the Mac client and the webpage but failed (the interface does not respond after the operation, and I don’t know why it failed, it’s like a bug):

  1. Drag and drop files to upload
  2. Click the “import file” button to upload

However, 1.96G files can be uploaded, which shows that 2G is a critical point, and the official does not seem to have any explanation on this.
Now these .fig files over 2G seem to be obsolete, and I have no way to extract any content in the files.

Does anyone know how to solve it? Or can the figma official come out to answer questions?