Live collab enable/disable - publish changes at your own will

Hello good people of Figma,

I know it was talked about this a lot, but really can you please make option to enable/disable live collaboration in edit view?

So if I work in company with designers that we want to collaborate I would use Figma as it is right now, but when I work with clients, that are constantly checking update and commenting every piece before I even finish it, would be great to have an option to disable live collab and publish changes when you are ok with them.

In case if you work with other designer in the same team and they would need synced document, s/he would get notification when changes in designs were made and then get an option to share a changes with them.

That kind of option would be really great to include, I know a lot of designers that would really appreciate and benefit from that option.

Thank you,
Damijan P.

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