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Links to frame don't work

When the filename has an emoji in its body direct links to the frame don’t work.
Tap on a link opens Page (not a selected frame)
A bug appeared today (01.09.21)

This is an issue with Slack, not Figma, so report it to them.

Why are you think so?
I tested it in other places, it’s not a Slack issue

Such links work fine for me. I copied the link in the desktop app, pasted it in the browser address bar and it opened the correct frame. Does this not work for you?

On your screenshot it’s visible that Slack doesn’t automatically detect that the link continues after the emoji. It thinks that after emoji you wrote normal text. That’s why it doesn’t work — the link simply doesn’t include the node id anymore. You can work around this by inserting the link into text manually: select the text and click the link insertion button (or a shortcut: Shift + Cmd + U in Slack).

Also you can use my Figma Link Shortener: — Slack or any other services won’t have any issues with it either as it doesn’t include emoji.

It works fine when I insert the link directly in the browser but doesn’t work with any messenger.
Thank you for the link shortener

Just tried on Telegram, VK and even in Slack on the web, works fine, the link is recognized completely. Not sure why it’s incorrect for you.

Ah, I think I found the issue. Do you copy the link by right clicking the frame and going to copy/paste → copy link? This is the most ineffective link copying method so I even forgot it exists. And I can replicate the issue on some messengers when copying the link in such a way. See link above on how to copy the link faster.

In this case it can be considered a bug, you can report it to Figma support team via the bug report form with the detailed reproduction steps.

Yes, this is my case.
Thanks a lot, very useful tip!

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