Linking text breaks the text style

When you add a link to text it automatically underlines it which is nice, however, in doing so it breaks the current text style that was applied. So if you update that text style the link text doesn’t update. I realize there are a few work arounds but none are ideal:

  1. Re-apply the text style but then you lose the underline
  2. Re-apply the text style and then change the color of the text to make it stand out. This seems like too many steps.
  3. Create a “link” style which includes the underline and apply that after adding the link. Again, extra steps.

It would be great if the links could just leave the text style as is and possibly add a faux underline or give the option to create a new style. I’m not sure what the best solution is as I haven’t put a lot of thought into it but wanted to throw this out there for discussion and possible suggestions.

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