Linking components or handing over componenten variant from frame to frame

Hi there,

maybe you can help me with my prototype.

Background: I created some components with variants in order to have a dropdown for my prototype simulated (e.g. to select a bike manufacturer). I use the components in a frame (Add Bike) where you can add bike to a list. I also use them in another frame (Change Bike Data) to edit the bike properties (e.g. to change the manufacturer).

Is there a possibility that I somehow can link the components or use the same component with the same selected variant? I would like to have the same value/variant I selected in the Add Bike frame also set in the Change Bike Data frame.

I hope my explanation is understandable :blush:. Thanks for your support…

Best regards, Alex.

Hello @AlexGalax

What you want is a complex prototype

I can spare some time and work it out with you, if you couldn’t email me and I join to fix it

So far, I think, if you link you components to different frames and use some complex prototype to both frames and components could work.

my email:

Hi @SohrabNiroo,

thanks for your offer. Really apreciated it. :pray:

If it is that complex, I will try something different and fake the view. It is just for receiving some feedback, which can be done with this way, too. Otherwise time/effort & result would be unbalanced.

I do not want to waste your time :slight_smile:… Thanks again for your support!

Best regards, Alex.