Link to selected frame disabled

Im struggling to find an answer online. For some reason I cant select “link to selected frame” to share in a ticket. Any reason you can think why this would be disabled? Im attempting to share a link that just shows 4 frames on this page. I also tried selecting the frames and going to play mode, but thats showing every frame also, not the 4 Im trying to share.

Is this frame top-level? Meaning that it’s placed directly on the page and not wrapped in any groups or other frames.

So the frames are top-level, but the elements inside the frame have grouped items and components in it.

Essentially I am trying to share a select set of frames among a page that has many others.

You can only share link to one top-level frame, you can’t select multiple top-level frames and share a link to them.

It would be good to share link to several frames at ones. I know that before there was that option and stopped to work about 2 weeks ago.

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