Licensing dev mode at a high cost

Really frustrating Figma team


It’s weird from wherever you look at it, even not considering pricing the plan does not adjust to small freelance agencies either. I have a small product design agency - no dev team - but work with many short / mid term clients and their dev teams.

However, even if we tried to assume the cost of dev mode for someone outside our team, we would have to grant them access to our team where the files are created, since that is the way the solution is being proposed. Seems a lot of scenarios where skipped when creating this solution.


Figma - CAN YOU PLEASE give the ability to disable Edit access for Developers using Dev Mode on the Professional Pricing Tier - This is causing major problems with erroneous changes to design files. My team is seriously looking at alternatives like PenPot.


If you want Figma to remove edit rights from Dev-Mode seats please feel free to vote here:


That doesn’t make any sense. Have to bail from Figma and move all our designers to another tool now.

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