Library turns 'off' for all files after publishing to local team, even after publishing to org again

Hi team.

We manage a Design System and have a few libraries that have been turned ‘On’ via the admin panel so it is available by default to all teams in the org.

When testing for breaking changes, our team publishes only to our Design System team. After completing testing, we publish to ‘All of our organisation’.

We have noticed that libraries that have gone through this process change from available to ‘All files’ by default to ‘Off’, and we have to manually select the radio button in the Admin panel.

Is it possible to ensure that Libraries that have been set to automatically be available to ‘All files’ are never reset unless a change has been made in the Admin panel please?


Hey Karen, thank you for reaching out!

I am going to check this internally with the team because I am not sure how to prevent Libraries that have been set to automatically be available to ‘All files’ from resetting. I will give you an update soon.


Update, so I’ve received the response that this might be a feature limitation.

Could you please confirm if we’ve understood the steps correctly?

  • You’ve have a library file published to the organization
  • When you have updates to test, you un-publish from the organization, then publish locally to the team in which the file lives
  • Once you’ve confirmed the updates are safe, you republish the library to the organization

In this case the issue is while the prior published library had been set to available in all files, when republishing to the organization after the testing, the access is set to off rather than “remember” its previous state.