Library issues - component won't update

Same here. Library Update is successful, but in design file no notification to Review/Dissmiss-CTA shows up.
Has anybody found a possibility to pull the Library-Update from the design file instead of pushing it from the Library to the design file?

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The strange thing is that it works normally with two out of three files, but with one this problem occurs. I can not trace what the reason is.

It seems to be an inconsistent issue that is difficult to reproduce but is happening broadly enough that it’s impeding work. I wonder if there is any known bug for this? @Figma_Support - are you tracking?

Same here, any ideas?

Same issue here, really frustrating

I was changing the hex codes on a main color component, but keeping the color name the same, when I published the library, the colors were not updating elsewhere.

changed the name of the color neutral-1 to test-neutral > published it > accepted it in the new files > the color & name updated accordingly

i went back to change the test-neutral to neutral-1 > published the hex value under the proper name > accepted it in the new file and voila!

It is concerning on this thread, as well as others reporting fairly major issues / flaws with the software, how little response there is from @Figma_Support

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For what it’s worth, I was able to remedy the issue by force quitting Figma. Annoying but it worked after reopening for me.

These few days are the same for me here – can’t publish update changes.