Library issues - component won't update

I am experiencing the same issue

Same issue here — and not only on hidden components

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I have a similar issue. But the component from the external lib is updated and changed… But the indication that is needs updating it still left in the “Updates” tab.
So for me the bug is that the “Updates” tab does not relize the component is updated and the bullet notification is still there… even though the update has gone through…

Same issue ((

I am having the same issue. Going through files to find hidden instances of that component and then unhiding and updating is really tedious. I hope this gets fixed soon.

I have the same issue, this is blocking my work

Same issue…

Same issue @Figma_Support

I’ve had some luck by adjusting the name of the original component in the library and then repushing the update.

I came back to give everyone an update. The bug described went on for another week or two after I posted this but my workload changed and I didn’t use Figma or the component library for a few weeks and when I reopened it last week the issue is now gone.

I don’t really know what the disconnect was. I see throughout the comments above some have found workarounds with renaming or believe there is a connection with hidden layers or when there are conflicting properties. Maybe all and any of those situations cause this issue? I hope others who posted here (that are in their files more often than I was) can come back and let us know what they found to be helpful so new people can have a set of things to try and resolve it.
Thanks for sharing everyone.

Same frustrating issue. Successfully publish the library but no updates in the design file available.

Not a solution, but having some success with closing/re-opening Figma…even then only works intermittently

Same issue here as well @Figma_Support

The issue appears to be a visual bug. I discovered that all my changes come thru; I just don’t get the snack bar with the Review and Dismiss CTAs. If you have the same problem, I recommend you create a test component or style in your Libary file and push/upload the change. Go to your design File the Libary is linked to and search for your new custom component. I did exactly that and discovered that not every change gets a snack bar notification.

I have this issue today September 1st, 2022.
Is there a way to force uploading the library?

Same here – can’t publish update changes.

@Figma_Support it still seems to be happening to others. Is there any more information about this bug or how to fix it from Figma’s side?

I just updated the category - I think I selected the wrong one because there isn’t a general bug one. It’s been moved to ask the community for now unless I should put it elsewhere.

Same problem here

Any updates on this? I’m struggling to publish an update to my design files from my library.