Library Analytics deserves a dedicated space

1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this
I use Library Analytics as a big part of my job, and while the current implementation is very powerful I wish it was more (lowercase-a) accessible. Today: Browse to my organization, browse to Libraries (we have a lot of libraries), then find my specific library - all of which takes several seconds, and all of which lives in a modal that can’t be bookmarked for fast return.

I would like to see library overview and analytics live in their own space so that they’re easier to get to, and not so easy to accidentally close. For the people who use them in our jobs, they’re much more than simply attributes in our org settings.


Totally agree. My (large) team uses hundreds of libraries, and we try to rely on Library Analytics daily to improve our design system. It can be quite unstable at that scale, with the modal being super laggy and unresponsive. It’s very painful for us to actually employ the data because of the tool-- it would be great for analytics to live in a dedicated tab with more fully-featured UX so that page load isn’t having to worry about populating a few hundred Teams (large org) in the background/at the same time.

Also, it would be !LIFE CHANGING! if there were a way to export the full data-set for libraries to CSV!

Create a tagging system, allowing the user to tag library files within the org as being part of the dataset/design system. Then export to CSV:


  • Total Instances
  • Inserts (at current intervals, or use the tool to customize intervals before export)
  • Detaches (at current intervals, or use the tool to customize intervals before export)
  • Detach Rate
  • Usage
    • Rank
    • % of Instances
    • Insert Survival Rate [Instances are what percentage of Inserts]


:+1: for this idea.

Such a great feature poorly delivered… It was one of the reason we upgraded to organisation and it’s a bit of a let down. Why such a small modal ? :confused:

I agree with your ideas, we definitely need a proper dedicated space, with some customization, or a way to show it directly into the design system files / near the components.

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Figma, please please please show some love to your analytics feature! It has great information to understand how the libraries are used across our organization, but it’s buggy and embedded in a tiny modal UI without the flexibility to dissect the data.

We, as the Design Systems team, must be empowered with quantitative data to serve our internal customers better, but it’s very hard to do so given the current state.

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Probably stupid question but why and in which case would you need hundreds of libraries ? How would all of this be organized and used without losing sanity ?
Genuine question

Being able to export the list of files which have specific components / variants (instead of just seeing them and linking to them) would have a LOT of applications in management and reporting.

e.g. Make a widget that captures status, and now I can see all files that reflect that status. Being able to export that list of files means I can track over time how LONG something has been in a certain status.