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Let me send comment replies with ctrl + enter

Ctrl + Enter is a key combination used to send forms, currently (at least on my machine) pressing ctrl + enter (or cmd + enter on mac) does not send a comment reply. Instead I have to manually click the reply button.

A minor inconvenience, yes I know, but I keep doing it thinking that it would send my reply only to find it doesnt, so I thought I’d post this here :smiley:

Command + Enter works just fine for me. Are you able to reproduce this consistently in both the desktop app and browser or is does it happen in just one?

Hi, yes, it doesnt work for me in the desktop app, firefox as well as chrome. All on my windows machine, though. Havent tasted on my MacBook yet.

Though I have noticed that on my windows machine shortcuts like “copy style” also do not work (instead it always opens the commenting tool … maybe that is the same cause)

Interestingly enough ctrl + enter does work for example here on the forum. So I am honestly a bit at a loss … I thought maybe some program was hugging some shortcuts, but then it shouldnt work anywhere …

Hmm yeah that is strange. I unfortunately don’t have a Windows machine to test. Maybe someone else here on the community could take a look and help confirm the issue.

Hi @Arvid! I have two keyboard layouts on Windows: Russian keyboard and US keyboard. Alt + Enter works instead of Ctrl + Enter. And about the non-working Ctrl + Alt + C / V check this topic:

oh lol … that might explain it … what a headache :upside_down_face: