Let me change width of text object if I want to damn it! <3 (Never disable width input field)

I want to change width of multiple objects all at once, but this has been messed up by disabling the width input field.

Why do you restrict the user to handle width of multiple objects? It is super disruptive and I can’t see the reason for doing this?

Example: I want to change buttons and text to be same width. I can’t do it all at once. I have to go in to do text and buttons separately. (See image example)

This is not due to a multiple selection. My guess is your second button is an autolayout Frame set to “Hug contents”, in which case the width field is disabled because width is automatically set.

Try drawing two rectangles of different sizes. Selecting them both will display a “Mixed” width but not disabled.

The argument could be made that disabling the width in a “hug contents” context is useless, but that’s another request.

Thanks for responding @Antoine :slight_smile:

The problem isn’t the buttons. The problem is Figma having text width disabled. This is then also applied when selecting multiple objects (when one of them is a text that has the width disabled).

This is a problem when I add a text and want to change the width by the design panel input field. In order to solve it I need to 1. Manually change the width to “release the disable state”. 2. I can now change the width via the design panel’s width field.

This is also a problem when handling widths of multiple objects.

See example:
Here is a new Figma file. All I’ve done is to add two rectangles and a text.

  • I select the text → its width is disabled
  • I select all object → All widths are disabled

Well, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Your issue is with disabling width altogether (when it is set automatically, through autolayout or in your second example text bounding box set to fit), not specifically in multiple selections; the logical behavior when one element is disabled is to disable the entire group.


  1. Nothing is set via autolayout. Just FYI.
  2. “Set to fit” Yes, the text object is set to Auto fit. Which is the default. I am not wondering what’s happening. I am questioning that auto fit text shouldn’t mean: “Don’t let me adjust the width of the text via the design panel. Please disable it!”.

Instead what should happen is. 1. Don’t disable it and if I enter my own width value. Switch from text auto fit → Auto height (Image below). This would be the same as if I drag the text to change its width.

What you can do as a quick workaround is nudge the width with a keyboard shortcut. That automatically changes the hugging setting of the text element and thus also enables the width input.

So you can do:

  • Drag to select
  • CMD+Shift right arrow
  • Set width
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Thanks for responding! :pray: A really good tip for a workaround that I’ll definitely will start using. I didn’t consider this one :blush:

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