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📱 Learn more about the new mobile beta!

This morning we announced that new mobile apps for both iOS and Android are coming soon! In addition to mirroring, these apps will let you find and view file and prototypes while you’re on the go (without the browser chrome getting in the way).

The new Figma mobile app is available to download for the first 10,000 iPhone and first 10,000 Android users. You can use the links below to get the app:

If these links are not working, we’ve likely already hit the 10,000 limit. You can read more about the beta in the help center.

If you’re part of the beta, we’d love to hear from you! You can use this forum to report bugs and share feedback and ideas for improving the experience.


So where is the new version of the beta app? It seems that prototypes don’t work on iOS 15 Beta.

Hi Nazim, thanks for trying out the Beta! We’re also aware of this issue and a fix will be coming shortly.

Will any purges be done to allow more people to join the beta? Eager to test and give feedback but the iOS testing is full. Says release will be soon but that was about 3 months ago. Thanks!


Yes, I think Figma mirror is as much important as Figma editor in terms of mobile design. Need more love!

请问要怎么获取 ios beta测试版的邀请链接或者兑换码?