Leader Dots in Figma? Dotted line in text?

I’m trying to create a cocktail menu in Figma and I’ve been instructed to use leader dots between the names and the prices. Is there any way this is automated like in Indesign and Word?

I could place the dots myself, but if this is being handed off, I want to make sure that the alignment won’t be messed up if someone is making small changes to prices or names?


Hey Ronan, I’ve found a template in the Figma Community for a menu card and it looks like they have placed just dots. You could also make a separate text layer for the dots?

Hey Ronan, I know this is late, but if you make a line with the pen tool and click on the three dots in the stroke section, you can change what’s called the “stoke style” from “solid” to “dash”. From here you can tinker with the settings and adjust, extend, and place line leaders from there. Hope this helps!