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Lazy-load library contents in instance swapper

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With a large number of components in an enabled library, the Inspector’s instance swapper appears to fetch the contents of all libraries every time it’s activated, adding 3-5 seconds to each instance swap.

To allow faster swaps when many libraries are connected, the index for the instance swapper should be kept in memory. The contents will still be fetched, but will not block use of the tool.

Error handling for mismatches after fetch:

  • If swapped-in components have changed, raise a bulk update notification similar to the existing library update notifications.
  • If swapped-in components have been removed from the source library, detach the instances then raise a notification letting the user know, with an option to undo the affected instance swaps.

Add as much context as possible (screenshots, Figma files, mockups, etc.)

  • A large library that will replicate this slowdown
  • I only have the one file open
  • My network is a cafe’s public network, to which there are currently very few devices connected and >100Mbps is available to me
  • My client is a base model 2018 MacBook Air using the latest Figma desktop app

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