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Layer palette search in Figma

Large, complex pages in Figma are difficult to navigate in terms of finding layers, groups, and frames using the layers panel.

I’m looking for a layer panel filter with typeahead to filter out everything but the layer, frame, group, component that matches the text typed into the filter so that the layer panel is less difficult to navigate.

Does anybody else need to find a specific frame, group, object, component, etc. in the layers panel but instead of quickly locating the thing you’re looking you spend a lot of a time scrolling up and down in the layer panel and/or zooming in and out or panning around the canvas?

I know there was a similar thread last month, but I find it odd that Figma doesn’t have this feature. Sketch has had this for years and it’s a huge help in navigating files created by a large team where you may not have created the file, or the file is older and the page is super complex with tons of layers.

Just a command-f (control-f) to pop the cursor into a search field that would live-filter layers based on the text input. The layers panel would convert to displaying only those that match the search field.

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