Layer covers homepage background in importet website


I importet a website via, but the background is white instead of purple-ish (see attached picture), so I assume there is a layer that covers the background image. The problem is that I cannot find the layer that covers the background theme even if I know about the layer list on the left hand side, so I am not able to delete the suspected layer. Do you have any idea what could help me in this case?


Double check the fills in the righthand panel in case there are multiple fills on a single frame/object.

I took all colors fills from the main frame and set the whites and afterwards the greys to 0% but the effect was a grey page. There were more fills that do occur in our background theme, but they were not visible on the screen where the homepage was built; only in the right hand tab.

Btw: This is what it looks like now. Background all grey, covers the other layers and the fills on the right hand side are not displayed idkwhy