LAUNCHED: Tab Previews on Hover

I’ve seen a few suggestions from the community to enable tooltips on tabs. This does solve the problem when you have too many tabs and can’t see the full file name. (Thanks, @Patrick_Hertzog and @keren)

However, what I am proposing is to enable tab preview thumbnails when mouse over the tabs similar to Safari or Chrome. This has the same benefits as the regular tooltips but also give you a better idea on the designs.

And, if people don’t like thumbnails, maybe there is a setting to toggle between tooltips and thumbnails?

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When a lot of tabs opened it’s impossible to find who is who.
How about the tabs navigate menu? With tabs previews.

Not quite the tab previews I’ve hoped but the latest tab update is great. We can now see the full file name on hover alone with file type icons.

Hey All,

With the launch of today’s Little Big Updates, you can now find what you’re looking for with file previews with desktop tab hover! :tada: