LAUNCHED: Spell Check

Absolutely love this idea! definitely enables larger teams to maintain and strengthen communication standards across all teams and projects.

YES!!! a native spell checker that would work in line would be fantastic. Plugins need to be ran all the time and would love spell checking to be done in real time!

I cannot believe that in the year 2022, spellcheck is not a native feature in any widely-used program - it is SO frustrating! Plus, from an accessibility standpoint, this is a major hinderance to many people with learning disorders and other neurodivergences that may affect one’s ability to spell. Very disappointing.

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SPELLL is an ok substitute. If I used more than 1 text style in a paragraph for styling such as a link it doesn’t keep styles as originally done. WE NEED NATIVE SPELL CHECK, PLEASE!!!

Still no native spell check - come on Figma :pleading_face: Miro has it in their desktop app so I’m sure you can too :pray:

This would be EXTREMELY helpful - for professionalism and working with people across the world and non native english speakers.

Our team is trying to build the best spell-check plugin for Figma, maybe you`d like to check it out? The feedback would be much appreciated.
The plugin is in BETA rn, we haven’t done the public launch yet.

I don’t understand how find and replace has come before spellcheck. Spellcheck IS on their roadmap, but it’s been almost 2 years since this thread was posted. If we’re getting custom dictionaries and things like that, great, but a basic spellcheck is long overdue.

We’re working on it!

I’ve just been using LucidSpark and they offer spell check! FYI they are using the same sort of HTML canvas graphics as Figma to render their website so I’m sure Figma could do the same!


I hope this doesn’t mean you’re working on a shiny, new, ‘innovative,’ overdesigned spell-check feature. WE DON’T NEED THAT. We literally just need redlines and a way to toggle it on and off… I usually hate when users ‘prescribe’ how long things should take to get released, but this shouldn’t be taking this long. It’s been years.


Spell check is here! :tada:

Learn more here! :eyes:

Yay!.. However, can you only see redlines if the textbox is active? As an editor, I need to see spelling errors right away instead of tediously clicking into every single textbox to see the errors. Very inefficient and creates more work.

Screencast: Screen Recording 12-6-2022 ...

Yes - As mentioned in the link provided, “Spell check identifies errors while you are in text edit mode and only for the text layer you currently have active.

We appreciate your feedback though! Feel free to start a new thread so others can can chime in and vote.

Started a new thread. Please vote! Spell Check: See errors without clicking into textbox

I cannot get spell check to work on the desktop app for mac os. It works fine on the figma website and it also shows the menu structure within the desktop app with a check mark next to the “check spelling” option, but it never underlines the misspelled words when I edit text. I am running desktop app version 116.4.2. The language setting on the mac is the same as what is selected in Figma (English) and I have tried clearing the app cache (in Help → Troubleshooting), all to no avail.


Desktop App:

12/21/22 Update: I contacted Figma support and had to send them some debug info from my Mac. Desktop app version 116.5.18 fixes the issue.

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So this was launched but for text in designs only. Why not comments? I find it bizarre that wasn’t also included in this update. The red squiggly lines are there in comments, but you can’t right-click to get suggestions/change it. Please enable this. :slight_smile:

I also noticed this was not enabled for Section or Frame names. It would be good to have spell check functioning not only on those but in the layers panel as well.


Hey @Joe_Garlick, this is already on our radar! Please add your feedback and vote here:


Thanks for the idea @Matty_Vazquez!

Feel free to add it as a new topic, so others can add their feedback and vote: Share an idea - Figma Community Forum