Launched: Negative values in Auto Layout

Hey everyone, just wanted to chime in and say thanks for all of this feedback! While we don’t share timelines, and can’t go into too much detail of our roadmap, I can assure you that the team is aware of this and is definitely looking into this as a future improvement to auto layout. Keep the feedback coming! :blush:


I want negative values to be able to put icon on image, so like in code I could say I want this icon on the image from 16px from left and 16px from top. Would be amazing o.


+1 Negative padding needed big time as requested in original post.

Please, I need negative padding!

HI @Eddie_Velez , in that case, I think you’re facing a problem very similar to mine when positioning items through the z-axis.

There’s a feature request open for editing the z-index of elements, you can take a look, leave your use case there and upvote the discussion so we can make the Figma team aware of this issue. Z-index property that is independent from Auto Layout - #11 by Roger_Junior

I would sell an arm and a leg to get this feature. Please try and release this! :sweat_smile:


I would kiss you if I knew you for requesting this

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Please Figma we need it!


Agree! Freedom of speech, transparent elections and negative values in Auto layouts XD

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+1 this feature would be super helpful

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Plus - it won’t keep the negative spacing if you remove elements in the instances, so it doesn’t really work for most usecases.

I would pay a lot of money to get this :sweat_smile:

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Dear Figma, I really really really need this feature! :pleading_face:

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Dear Figma, I really really really need this feature! +1

Technically you can independently control a border if you use a shadow with a blur of 0.

Hey There!

I’d love the ability to use Auto Layout to create an overlap of two components. Like this for example:

Currently, I group the components and manually adjust the positioning.

Love to get people’s thoughts on this!


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Check this out: Figma quick trick: negative spacing in auto layout | by Anton Kuznetsov | Feb, 2022 | Bootcamp

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I can not wait anymore!! :dotted_line_face: :woman_facepalming:

One year and 736 votes later… still nothing much I’m afraid. Must be one hell of a refactor needed then for this small feature…