LAUNCHED: Font picker

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    Finding the right font for a quick project…

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    Figma’s font selection is so massive, that it’s daunting to find the right font without clicking through them one at a time. I end up going to google fonts due to them having previews on all their fonts… It would be REALLY nice if Figma could improve the font searching experience.

I can not even see the full font names. I can not see if I am selecting the bold or the semi-condensed bold or the semi-condensed bold and italic. The menu does not widen or I do not get full font name over hover. That is equally frustrating as not seeing a preview.

Good day! During the design process, I calculated that it takes 15-20 minutes to find the right fonts or to select them. I believe that if figma had the opportunity to immediately know the visual display of this font before choosing, then we could save time on this and make this process more convenient

Thanks for your attention

Hi @Fabulous ,
I merged your topic with a similar one that has been already created in the community.
For your information, our team is working on it! :slight_smile:


STILL not addressed after like 6 years???

But changing major key commands was important?! Ridiculous.

Sorry for the wait, @MattBraun - it’s coming! Stay tuned! :wink:

Hey All, thank you for your patience!

We officially launched Font Picker! :tada: Learn all about it here:

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