LAUNCHED: Expand the emojis available for comment reaction

Can Figma add a ‘thanks’ emoji to the small set of permitted emojis on comments.

Because I’m too lazy to thank people with words and a ‘thumbs up’ in that situation doesn’t seem… grateful enough.

There are often times when somebody adds a very useful comment and catches something I missed.

I think a :heart: <3 :heart: emoji is most appropriate in those circumstances, as a way to say “thank you” for catching something I forgot about.

Please add a heart response emoji!

hey all! ty for the feedback :grin:

first @Jim_England - I merged your topic with this one since it was in the same vein.

@Dan_Littler I modified the title of your topic to be a bit more open to additional emojis other than just the “thanks” one. Others should be able to find this topic better and add a +1 if they’d also like to have this expanded :smiley:

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Hey All,

Today, we launched Expanded emoji reactions to comments!

Now you can react to comments with any available emoji, not just Figma’s seven preset options. Available in Figma and FigJam across web, mobile, and desktop.

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