LAUNCHED: Create style for radius

Creating a multi-brand design system and was suprised to see the lack of the radius as a style feature - would hugely appreciate it added


+1 to this idea!! This would be so incredibly helpful when creating larger design libraries/systems. I would love to be able to make updates to a corner radius without needing to go and manually update ever component/variant using that particular style.

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+1 to this absolutely necessary feature.

+1. Use case: When swapping a brand library, corner radius for containers such as buttons and cards are lost, so they all have to be reapplied

Totally agree. If I have a complete Design System with a determined border radius for all panels (hundreds), it would be great to have a style feature which allows me to make that change in just one place and be updated in all panels, in the case I have to duplicate the design system and give it another value to the rounded corners globally


It should be related to this :

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Yes, please @Figma_Team. This can’t come soon enough.

+1 on this.

+1 on this

We are currently revamping our entire design system and moving from Sketch to Figma

Very surprised that it is not possible to make styles for radius

Hope this gets implemented soon :slight_smile:


+1 on this! We’re working on building out an extensive system for our contract designers and having these styles pre-set would be really helpful!

+1 this would definitely be helpful for design systems and consistency.

+1 :pray: Can we have this now please thanks.

We need this feature too!
Don’t make me build an ugly plugin for it!

+1 Good idea.
Workaround is only possible by using plugins like Token Studio and create tokens for border-radius.

Indeed, an incredibly good idea. +1 for this feature.

+1 makes a lot of sense.

We also need this feature urgently! Please make it happen! @Figma_Support - can you help?

YES! Just ran into this need recently. Would love to have this in the future.

Yup !
As everyone above :slight_smile:

I’ll send you flowers if you add this feature! :bouquet: