Launched: Add Support for Variable Fonts

It seems like Figma team do not want to add this feature… :slightly_frowning_face:

Dear Figma Team,

I would really love to see this feature for the following reasons:

  • Variable fonts are getting more and more common and there are an increasing amount of Google Fonts supporting it. As Figma uses many Google Fonts by default, it would really help raise the awareness of this feature, and would look as a natural step forward.

  • Raising awareness would greatly benefit web and app designs, as there are many designers and developers who know nothing about this feature as of now, so they are not implementing it. If it would be a basic feature in Figma, that would really speed up implementations.

  • Widespread implementation would put increasing pressure on type designers and would make variable fonts a must have instead of a nice to have feature.

There is a plugin out there for supporting variable fonts with only 236 installs.

Making variable font support a basic feature instead of a plugin would greatly help creating better digital products and typefaces.

I am really looking forward to this feature and hope that you take it into consideration!

Yours Faithfully,



Yes, and! The plugin you (@Zambo_Gergo) mentioned is tedious to use/not fully supportive of variable fonts either! It’s a hack that does a good enough job of helping when there’s not a full feature to support what we need, but it’s not a substitute.


Please @Figma add support for variable fonts. :pleading_face: There are basically no design tools out there right now that support the feature entirely, and since Figma is an emulation of what happens in the browser I think this feature should be prioritized so prototypes can more accurately show how the fonts would work irl.

Variable fonts are the future. Please, please please prioritize this feature. Digital design capabilities are SEVERELY limited without access to the many amazing variable fonts available today.


Sketch have a quite great support of it :wink:

Oh, that’s good to know! Unfortunately for me Sketch is also Mac only :upside_down_face:

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Ya, most of our team is on Windows. We love that Figma’s web-based and it doesn’t matter whether they’re on Windows or Mac, personal or work computer. We wouldn’t leave Figma with all its benefits to work in Sketch just for the variable fonts.

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Sketch loose more and more market shares each years since a few years because they are the worse in term of new features… I sadly can’t recommend them anymore :woman_shrugging:

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This is sorely needed!

Really? Really I have to come back to work with Sketch due to the variable fonts?
No please, what a great disappointment!!! :frowning:

Just adding a +1 to this request. As our team is switching over to Figma from Sketch, I was pretty surprised to learn that variable fonts are not supported in the browser-based tool.

We’re currently working on a typography revamp of our main app, with the intent being to move to variable fonts, and not having variable font support in Figma is a pretty frustrating barrier to the design team on this bit of work.

Apple’s official design system in Sketch for iOS / macOS uses Variable fonts via SF Pro. To properly support native design systems, we need variable font support. Please add this!

Yes please, for native iOS design we need SF Pro too which has become variable. Figma should fix this fast.

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    I am really surprised at this as @rsms2 , the designer for the beautiful Inter font was at Figma and I think Inter was actually tested in the product development at Figma… What gives!
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Now Microsofts Windows library also uses Segoe UI Variable and it is a completely broken experience in Figma. Figma does not recognize a few font weights.


This has become a huge problem for me very quickly.

I’m working on a project with a new client, and Windows AUTOMATICALLY groups the font into the family, even if I’m not trying to install it that way. So, when the Figma Font “Helper” reads it, it only reads the top-level font, removing my ability to use any other fonts from that family.

Come on Figma, give us at least a work around! Let us at least manually add .otf files for individual fonts so we can get our work done. I know you’re trying to be helpful by having the automated helper, but it’s not helping, it’s hurting!

I have no idea how I’m going to solve this problem right now, and the clock is ticking on the project!

I second the need for better variable font support. Turning them into vector objects is not something that would do our team any good.

Yes, I need it!

Variable font support should be a basic requirement for any design software.


When I need to use Apple’s design kits in Figma, I just reference their Sketch counterparts and create my own elements.

Just a few days ago, Apple updated their design kits and now they use variable fonts. The fact that Figma doesn’t support variable fonts just put a complete stop to the project I was passionately working on.

I am beyond disappointed. Variable fonts should be a bare-minimum feature of any UI design suite.

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