Last Active to show last active?

When managing my hundreds of users in Admin>Members. The column called “Last Active” shows something, but definitely not what I’d expect from that title.
Example: When sorted by Last Active, it shows that tens of users haven’t been active in 2 months, but when I check their full activity one by one, some of them, in the middle of that 2mo group, have actually logged in 20 days ago :man_shrugging:t3: and some of them edited something 38 days ago - that is also not 2 months in most people’s calendars!

Proposals for clear yet simple solution:

  1. Show last activity in days (until it reaches 90, then show months).
  2. Calculate anything they do in Figma/FigJam as user activity.
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Hey @Kaspar_Roost, appreciate for taking time to leave your feedback here! I’ve just shared this internally with the teams. Please don’t forget to upvote this. This helps us roadmap future updates.

Thank you,

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