Laptop/Monitor/iMac and Custom devices in Prototype

Same here - we would love custom device frames to show our designs in context on custom hardware.

A library of custom device frames would be great, as long as we can also have a private one to keep IP protected.

Has anyone figured a way around this, maybe using a live embed iframe with png overlay for the custom device frame?

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Adding my vote as well. It seems silly that it’s not available.

We need to have Samsung and other devices on the list. Most of our corporate clients dont issue or use apple devices.

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Hi, I’m having the same issue! Can anyone please share how to do it?

I also have the same issue. Anyone out there with a solution?

I work for a company that makes its own specific hardware as well as the software that runs on it. It would be incredibly helpful if we could create custom device frames to help put the software design in context for both testing and communicating via critiques, discussions, meetings, etc.

To get around this, we have to add the device mockup to every frame while designing, which can be a huge pain and extra work for any one of our design team members.

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For the time being I use the “Surface Pro 4” as a device.

It’s wide enough and gives you the feeling of a computer screen without the stand at the bottom which I find unnecessary anyway.

Try it!

There is no desktop device. so we can select and create a mockup.

The current list of prototype devices is limited to Apple products and three google products. My team at Garmin designs for our fitness wearables with a custom screen size and external button inputs.

It would be nice to set a custom device frame once and have it be usable across all of our prototypes. Just take a png of the product with the screen cut out over the prototype when in presentation mode?

Are there other people with this same issue/desire? Maybe some other companies designing for a custom device? Any other wearables design teams? Spotify Car Thing?

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We develop for custom android payment terminal hardware with receipt printing functionality, card tapping, inserting and swiping, so having a custom device would be EXTREMELY helpful to us.

On top of this, it would be great to be able to change the custom prototype device per frame, as we have different “states” on the physical hardware (lights, printing, hatches opening, etc)

  1. Apparently there is no option to create designs for Samsung tablets

  2. Not everything is apple’s products. We need options to be able to design for Samsung tablets.

  3. Does anyone have this kind of problem? Help me :smiley:


More device frames were added today!

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It would be really helpful to have a custom device frame set. I’m working on Android Wear experiences, and to make the prototype feel more realistic it would be great to have an Android Wear frame.

Understanding that you can’t continually add frames to the selection list, I wonder if there is a way to set a custom frame size (with rounded corners?) and offer an overlay (ie a watch device with a cutout for the prototype).


My company manufactures fitness equipment with touch screen consoles, and it would be very nice to present prototypes with a realistic machine panel on the background. Hope Figma considers such function.

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I would like to set this “width — Scale down to fit width” to a prototype. There is no such option on the device presets yet.

I would love to have the options to configure the prototype settings more to my needs:

  • Combine a custom size with touch or no touch
  • Seeing the device in the prototype is a bonus. But it does not have to look like a specific brand.
  • Save my custom sizes

Right now i am planning to big projects for a general tablet view, where it is critical that i can judge the size of the clickpoints. We still use the widest used resoluttion 1024 x 768px. And that is not on the list.

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Hi, Gleb! Which device is exactly “Android Large”?

Adding custom devices or at least having the touch cursor for custom sizes would be great!