Label pictures while hovering over them

Is it possible to label a picture while you’re hoovering over it in a iPhone screen?

Not sure I understand the question. It sounds like you’re designing for an iPhone and want to know if you can see a label on a photo while you’re hovering?

You can technically design a label to appear while you’re hovering with your mouse over an image in Figma pretty easily… (but you won’t be able to actually hover on the prototype if you mirror with your phone because you don’t have a hover state on mobile apps).

If you want a label just for the prototype:

  1. Add a label to the first screen, and give it an opacity of 0%.
  2. You can click on the frame and hit Command D (or probably control D on Windows) and it will duplicate your frame (with your 0% opacity label).
  3. Click on the label now and make it 100% opacity.
  4. Add a hover transition from frame 1 to frame 2.

Not sure I’m really helping because I don’t fully understand the question, but best of luck regardless! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, Ryan! I’ll try it anyways!!

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