Keyboard shortcuts aren’t working


We recommend try switching to a US keyboard layout as a workaround.

Well that’s not helping at all

At least give us a command in the menu so we can use third party app to access it


Hi there,

I have the same type of issue on my French Mac Keyboard (with numpad) and both, the “/” Key from the “default side” and the “/” key from the “num pad side”, don’t work on Figma nor on Figjam.

Runing on Big Sur 11.5.2
Figma Desktop App version 101.6

Hope you find a solution :slight_smile:
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Hi, shortcut for resize from centre and resize proportionally is not working even after i changed to a US-keyboard setting. I am using MacOS, Figma desktop app. Can any kind souls help me out :cry:

So, no one cares about this??


I tried to remap the keyboard on my mac in Karabiner and goku to make this work but without luck. When i type “/” by pressing Shift + 7 on my danish keyboard the keyboard actually sends out three keypress events “shift_up” “7” shift_down". The key that types “-” actually sends out the “slash” keyboard event. But since it types “-” it will zoom out in FigJam. Heard a lot of great things about curser chat. Looking forward to some day trying it out without having to change between danish and american keyboard layout.

I am using a mac with a french keyboard layout and was also frustrated. After many attempts, here is what got it working for me :

  • I Installed “Ukelele SIL”
  • I created a custom keyboard layout by selecting File > New from current input source
  • I remapped the “Tilde - grave accent” or “Backtick” key to an new output “/”
  • I saved the keyboard layout bundle and double clicked it to install the layout on my computer
  • In System preferences > Keyboard > Input sources, I added the modified layout
  • I selected it as the preferred input source, and now it works

Also, now you can simply use cmd+p for quick actions,
but not for cursor chat or other shortcuts

I am happy that it works now, but it would be so much better if we could simply create our own shortcuts in the system preferences…
I Hope Figma fixes that soon

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Merci @Gaetan_de_La_Ville
Solution intéressante !
I’m sticking with my alternative that largely replaces the keyboard layout, the automator plugin and a lot of other stuff… namely Keyboard Maestro :slight_smile:

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Your reply prompted me to come up with an Alfred Workflow that immediately solved this. Thanks!

Isn’t it yet a solution for this problem? I tried to group things by typing Ctrl+G and nothing happens.
Any recommendations aside from installing a program?

Neither Option + Arrows shortcuts worked on my 2019 mac, FR keyboard.
Tried it on Text Adjust.

It seams thats the Option key make trouble.

Norwegian user here. Same problem with / that everyone else has, though that’s not my biggest frustration right now.

1. Describe the bug/issue you’re running into?

I’m trying to remap existing Figma shortcuts so they work for me (for example, hiding or showing the left sidebar). Not even the default ones work. Reading this thread, it seems like the problem may lie with keys like Shift, Option and Command. It’s not ideal!

2. Are you able to consistently reproduce it? If so what are the steps?

Yeah, it’s consistently not working. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use whatever keyboard shortcut is currently registered against View > Panels > Show Left Sidebar (This includes remapping my preferred combination where it already exists as a shortcut in Figma — just picking something else for that shortcut) .
  2. Nothing happens.
  3. Try setting up a different keyboard shortcut for this action.
  4. Nothing happens.

It’s worth noting that even before I tried remapping this command to suit my preferences, it didn’t work with the default (Cmd + Shift + \ ) because, having a Norwegian keyboard where / is not a first-class citizen, just to get the \ I have to use Opt + Cmd + 7. So It’s impossible to type Cmd + Shift + \

3. Share a screenshot, recording, console log, link to the file, etc.
Kind of impossible to do this because it’s all keyboard.

4. Is the issue only happening in desktop app or a specific browser , or both?
Both (as you’d expect)

5. What OS/version and/or browser/version are you using?
Mac OS Monterey (12.1). Chrome 98.0.4758.102


For me and everyone coming here, keyboard shortcuts are the key to workflow and productivity at the micro level. Really disappointed that even after years, this issue is not fixed. This is THE key to Usability.

Hey all thanks for the feedback here. We just launched the International Keyboard Shortcuts beta for German (QWERTZ), Japanese (Kana), and French (AZERTY). Learn more here on how you can participate

This is just the start in working on improving this area, but hope this helps. :slight_smile:

alt-1 and alt-2 to switch between Layers and Assets stopped working for me on Desktop App version 114.6.2. This is on a regular file and US keyboard layout

short cut for auto layout, group… aren’t working. i need to close the program and restart.

scale, move, show/hide comments, group, auto layout… maybe more?
they worked fine yesterday, I’m using the same keyword, same MacBook, nothing has changed but some shortcuts aren’t enabled

Hi Hanna,

Any update on Shift+C shortcut to add connectors? Literally on just the second slide of FigJam Basics tut and doesnt seem to work. The tut says you can double click on a connector to add text and that doesnt seem to work either. Makes me worry about this program since literally just opened this program for the first time to learn how to use it from the premade tutorials and running into issues already. Not sure if Im doing something wrong on my end or if this is still an ongoing issue. I see someone mention the same issue 6 months ago all the way back on Jan 9.

Please advise. Thank you for your time.

US Keyboard
Safari 15.4
OS Monterey v12.3

You can use the shortcuts X or ⇧ Shift + L to create an elbow connector, and L for a straight line.