Keyboard Shortcut to Switch Between Component Properties and Layers Panel

I have found while creating my design system that I am doing a lot of repetition of selecting a component instance, changing some properties, and then selecting a new component instance.

I can use tab to navigate through the layers panel if it’s in focus, or I can use tab to navigate through the component properties options. It would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut to swap between the layers panel and the selected instance properties panel.

It would reduce a lot of repetition of having to take my hands off the keyboard and grab the mouse.

Do you mean the Assets panel or are you talking about the properties panel on the right?

Hi Josh,

I am talking about the assets panel on the right. I wasn’t quite sure what the official term was. I basically am dragging the amount of instances I need into a frame. Then I am going through them and doing things like changing the text or instance swapping icons.

Sorry I meant properties panel on the right.

I think I understand what you’re looking for. Could you share a screenshot though of which area you’d like to quickly access via a shortcut. I only ask as there may be an existing workaround but want to make sure I understand your workflow first. :slight_smile:

It will only let me do one picture per post. I basically want to swap between the two panels below using the keyboard so I can keep tabbing through things.

Thanks for sharing the screenshots. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way to bring the focus state to this via the keyboard. This may be possible in the future though, as I know the team is working on some accessibility updates to make our interface navigable via the keyboard and screen readers. :slight_smile:

I second this feature request

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