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Keyboard navigation in Assets

Right now, in the Assets menu, you can only use the mouse to drag and drop a component in the Canvas. It would be much quicker to be able to navigate the results of your search with the arrow keys and press Enter to insert the component. The keyboard navigation is already possible in the Color Styles and Text Styles dropdowns :slight_smile:

The obvious reference is the plugin Runner for Sketch, which makes it super quick to invoke the launcher, search and insert a component.

Does anyone feel the same way? :slight_smile:


How do you apply color & text styles via keyboard shortcut? Looking for a way to do that brought me here.

Open the style picker with a mouse, search for the style or go to the list view instead of grid, pick the style with arrow keys, press Enter.

Thanks @Gleb . I guess I’m asking about something else. It would be very helpful to be able to highlight text then use the Quick actions modal to apply styles, or at least put the focus over there.

Answering your original question with the clarifications you provided: this isn’t possible at the moment.