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Keeping publish message of the library file in the updated file

It would be great if the publishing message would be seen when I update other files.

  1. Let’s say I have a file called “work” in which I prototype a feature. And I have a file called “styles” which is a shared library for the project styles.
  2. I changed the error colour from pink to red in my “styles” file and published it with the message “updated the error colour”.
  3. The publish action created a point in the “styles” version history.
  4. I opened the “work” file and accepted the update.
  5. Currently, there will be no point in the “work” version history that I’ve updated the file and what the changes were about.

My proposal is to create such a point in the “work” version history and copy there that publish message from the “styles” file so that I could see that at 14:01 there was a change due to the updated error colour, and could reverse it if needs be.