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Keep same content resizing settings when creating a new auto layout

Kind of hard to put in writing, but I’ll do my best. Oftentimes, when I create an auto layout group, I’ll realize I need to wrap contents inside in a second auto layout group. When I do that, The item that i just wrapped in an auto layout group will ‘reset’ their resizing to ‘fixed-width.’ This is very frustrating because I keep having to manually redo the resizing every time.

It would be great if contents inside an auto layout would keep their resizing method if they are put into a second auto layout group.


  1. Create an autolayout group with 3 elements inside. Make those elements ‘fill container.’
  2. Then select those 3 elements and press ‘shift-A’ to wrap them in another autolayout group. Make that autolayout group ‘fill to container.’
  3. The 3 elements inside that second autolayout group have switched back to ‘fixed width.’
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