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Keep phone ON while mirroring

As I’m trying to switch over the Figma Mirror app to the new one, this is the only thing I’m missing. In my opinion is a must to keep the device on at all times while you’re mirroring a prototype for example!

Other than that, loving the new app <3.

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This would be very useful! Meanwhile, my workaround is to enable Caffeine mode on Android, which keeps the screen on for a certain period of time, but a native solution would be better.

I just received a notification for an update and seems like my phone is not turning off while mirroring now. I don’t know if that was coincidence or what but this problem is solved! :smiley:

Weird. I didn’t get any notifications neither there are any updates on the Play Store. For now, I’ll be using Caffeine mode, but I look forward to this update.

I’m on iOS, maybe they haven’t released it yet for android.