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Keep library turned on after duplicating a file?

** How do I keep a library turned on after duplicating a file?**

I have a presentation file with type and color being sourced from a library. I want to duplicate this presentation file and still have my library turned on. The default is currently to turn the library off, disconnecting all my established type etc.

This is not a version control question.


When you duplicate the file, it shouldn’t disconnect your existing elements from the library. Turning off the library doesn’t affect elements connected to the library, it’s only a cosmetic change for displaying library components in the assets panel and styles in the style picker menu.

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Answer found.
What we needed was a admin only feature. ‘enable Libraries for all teams.’

Turning off a library does not keep any type/colors/images linked to the file. Cosmetically they are the same style, yes. We need to change styles on a large scale across multiple files which were unlinked. The admin setting solved this.