Keep libraries active when duplicating a file

Currently when we duplicate files, the activated libraries will not remain enabled for the copy. I find this confusing and do not understand why disabling is necessary. Could the default behaviour be changed to keep libraries active?

This would allow us (design system desigerns) to provide useful starter kits or project templates, where our designers do not have to activate a bunch of libraries manually. Especially in more complex design systems with multiple packaged libararies, this would save time, confusion and explanation work.

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I wanted to post the same question. My use case is duplicate files aimed to share the same design to different clients with local content overrides (Professional plan – otherwise we’d try branches). It would be very useful to keep the same active libraries by default.

So, libraries will remain active when they are activated on org level by default. For us this is not too useful, because we provide a few different libaries (two color themes and different platform scales) so we cannot activate all libararies by default, this would be even mor confusing.

I just wanted to clarify that libraries can remain active when globally enabled, and in some cases this might work quite well.

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